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Tango Argentino Interpretation 1 seminar
What is Tango Argentino Interpretation 1 seminar about?
When we ear a tango song: What do we choose to ear?

What the orchestras bring uson their stiles? And how do we connect their interpretation of music in our dance?

In 5 lessons we will work on the listening and bring to the movement and feelings what
we ear. Interpret the song, became a part of it.The silence, the pausas, frases,
structure in the songs. How we can improve our dance through the knowledge of the
structure in the song and the stile of the orchestra.
 Invited to: Couples with knowledge of tango dance

Underviser: Wanda TangoAR

13 /20
12.10.2021 kl. 21.00 - 02.11.2021 kl. 22.00
Rosenbækhuset i Odense
393,00 kr.

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